NUI Galway


NUI Galway

With over 17,000 students and more than 2,400 staff, NUI Galway is the largest and oldest University in the West of Ireland. Over the past 170 years, we have built a distinguished reputation for teaching and research excellence in the fields of arts, social science, and celtic studies; business, public policy and law; engineering and informatics; medicine, nursing and health sciences; and science.

Science and engineering were at the heart of the university from its earliest days. George Johnston Stoney, the first Professor of Physics, calculated the charge of the electron (and named it) before its experimental discovery. One illustrious graduate was Michael O’Shaughnessy, chief engineer of San Francisco as it rapidly developed into a modern city, with the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and other infrastructure projects.

Alice Perry

The first woman to earn an engineering degree in Ireland or Britain (and possibly anywhere in Europe) was Alice Perry (pictured), who graduated from what was then Queen’s College Galway in 1906. The SPHERIC workshop will take place in the building named after her.

The Alice Perry Engineering Building